Flowers (Ongoing project)











2017 -- pigment print 32 × 41 cm edition 5, 100 × 127 cm edition3





Annually my friend bring a bunch of flowers for my birthday, and we take a lot of whiskey. Next day I woken up early in the blue light morning for drink water. I stared at flower which my wife put in vase. It looks a petal moist silky touch and blue light combination is express impression of my wife. Then I realized that portrait is not only person itself but also indirectly form and color from persons impression. These pictures are portrait of women and men.





Self portrait
Yukie Ohno (My wife)
Yukie Ohno 2 (My wife)
Madame. Delphine Dumont
Anonymous (Chinese waitress)
Eugenia Kudryatseva (ABBA professor)
Lilia Katherine Costa Oliveira
Eriko Ohno (My mother)
Uni Yon (Korean friend)
Mrs. Miyuki Okada
Eugenia Kudryatseva / 2018
Zhang He
Agnes Huan
Woman from Moscow